Accelerating Decarbonization.

GreenAir is building the market-leading ecosystem to revolutionize the voluntary carbon market by putting impact, trust and transparency back in the center. We seamlessly connect compliance credits with impactful climate action and help builders scale the development of high-quality projects, all in one place.

Accelerating Decarbonization.
About GreenAir
CO2 Savings Processed
95k+CO2 Savings Processed
Deals registered
93k+Deals registered
Sales Revenues
€38m+Sales Revenues
B2B partners
350+B2B partners
Our Vision:

Accelerating decarbonisation.

Our Mission:

Building an ecosystem to offer impactful reduction, optimization and offsetting solutions on the path to net-zero.

Looking Forward:

At GreenAir, our commitment to excellence guides every step we take. We're driven to inspire and lead, tirelessly exploring new horizons in the carbon market. Our dedication is steadfast, our spirit indomitable, as we continuously push beyond conventional limits.

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A Personal Note from Marcel Preuß, Founder and Group Co-CEO of GreenAir

September 2023

GreenAir was born out of a vision to accelerate decarbonization. Today, we are proud to be recognized as a the pioneer in providing innovative solutions for managing and marketing THG Quotas in Germany and beyond. Our journey began as a quest to simplify, secure, and streamline the THG Quotas application process, and is now evolving into a mission to shape the future of carbon certificates in the European Compliance and Voluntary Carbon Markets, and to create the relevant ecosystem that will support individuals and corporates on their paths to net-zero.

FoundationDecember 2021


Launched in December 2021, GreenAir rapidly emerged as a frontrunner in the greentech industry, debuting with our innovative B2C platform,, in January 2022. We positioned ourselves as pioneers, offering fully digital, user-friendly solutions not just to individual owners of electric vehicles, but also to larger businesses managing EV fleets and companies seeking automated, digital THG quota processing solutions for their clients.

Launch of Klimaquote.deMarch 2022

Launch of

In March 2022, GreenAir marked a new chapter with the launch of, our second B2C platform. This milestone coincided with our first THG premium payouts to clients. Deepening our commitment to sustainability, we've pledged to plant 40 trees for each client registration. Beyond promoting e-mobility, we're investing in reforestation and environmental protection projects. A portion of our profits is dedicated to various environmental organizations, underscoring our mission to seamlessly blend sustainability with modern mobility demands.

Launch of
Launch of 2OCean.deMay 2022

Launch of

GreenAir's dynamic growth soared in May 2022 with the successful launch of our third and final B2C platform for private customers in Germany: Expanding our commitment to sustainability, we now donate to Sea Shepherd for every successful vehicle registration on this platform, further enhancing our philanthropic endeavors and reinforcing our dedication to environmental stewardship.

Launch of
Expansion into AustriaJune 2023

Expansion into Austria

In June 2023, GreenAir proudly expanded into Austria, marking our first foray into the international market – a thrilling leap towards global impact. As pioneers in green technology, we're broadening our reach, empowering more individuals and businesses to embrace sustainable mobility. Together, we're navigating towards a greener future, one country at a time..

Expansion into Austria
50.000 registrationsSeptember 2023

50.000 registrations

In September 2023, GreenAir achieved a significant milestone with 50,000 vehicle registrations, a testament to our commitment and impact in the greentech industry. This achievement reflects the trust and confidence our clients place in our innovative solutions for a sustainable future. Together, we're driving forward the decarbonization movement, one vehicle at a time.

50.000 registrations
October 2023: 450 Business PartnersOctober 2023

October 2023: 450 Business Partners

In October 2023, GreenAir established its 450th B2B partnership. GreenAir is shaping the future of the greentech industry. Our innovative approach and commitment to sustainability resonate with our partners, driving progress towards a greener tomorrow. This milestone underscores our leadership in the THG Quota market and our dedication to impactful collaborations.

October 2023: 450 Business Partners
Join us on our journey to accelerate decarbonization.

Join us on our journey to accelerate decarbonization.

GreenAir invites passionate individuals eager to contribute to the fight against climate change, valuing diversity in backgrounds and life experiences to enrich our collective strength.

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