What role does the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) play in the GHG premium?

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Published: April 30, 2024 | Last update: May 22, 2024

What role does the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) play in the GHG premium?

What role does the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) play in the GHG premium? 

The Federal Environment Agency (UBA) plays a central role in all topics and issues relating to the GHG premium. In this article, we provide you with more transparency on the overall process and answer frequently asked questions on the subject. 

The Federal Environment Agency's (UBA) requirements for applications for certificates to reduce greenhouse gas emissions using electricity in road vehicles are specific and technically sound. Here are the most important aspects in detail: 

  1. Methodology for greenhouse gas reduction: the applicant must submit a sound methodology that comprehensibly quantifies the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions using electric power in road vehicles. This can be done through calculations based on emission factors, vehicle usage data and electricity mix. 

  2. Compliance with the RED II Directive: The data and analyses presented must comply with the requirements of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) to ensure that the promotion of renewable energies is carried out in accordance with European directives. 

  3. Transparent calculation methods: The calculation methods used must be transparent and comply with current scientific standards. This includes the use of recognized emission factors, life cycle analyses and other relevant methods. 

  4. Completeness of the documentation: The applicant must submit all relevant documentation required to assess the greenhouse gas reduction resulting from the use of electric vehicles. This includes, for example, vehicle data, electricity consumption data and information on the electricity mix used. 

  5. Compliance with deadlines and formalities: The application must be submitted within the specified deadlines and in compliance with the prescribed formalities. This may include the use of specific application forms and compliance with certain documentation standards. 

  6. Review and approval: The UBA carefully checks the submitted applications for completeness, correctness and plausibility. If the review is positive, greenhouse gas emission reduction certificates are issued, enabling the applicants to fulfill their obligations in accordance with the legal requirements. 

By fulfilling these technical requirements, distributors of fuels can receive recognition of their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by promoting electromobility and at the same time make a contribution to achieving climate targets. 

But what role does the Federal Environment Agency play for your GHG premium?   

The UBA is the central authority responsible for issuing CO2 certificates. These certificates are crucial for applying for the greenhouse gas (GHG) bonus, which electric car owners receive as an incentive for reducing CO2 emissions. 

How exactly does it work?                

The process begins when you, as the owner of an electric vehicle, apply for the GHG quota. To do this, you fill out an application form and upload your vehicle registration document. The UBA then checks the application and issues the CO2 certificates. This entire process can currently take up to 20 weeks. 

Will the Federal Environment Agency then also pay my GHG premium?

No, please note that the Federal Environment Agency only issues the certificate for marketing the quota. This process is therefore initiated as soon as the notification is received from the UBA. 

Can't I do this myself with the Federal Environment Agency?  

In theory, individuals can apply for their GHG quota directly to the UBA. However, due to the complexity of the process and the limited benefits for individuals, this is not recommended. It is more efficient to contact a specialized GHG provider who can bundle the application process for several customers to get a better price in the end. 

Why are applications rejected by the Federal Environment Agency?

The UBA can reject a GHG quota for various reasons. These include certificates already applied for by another provider, lack of authorization of the vehicle or the applicant. 

My application was rejected and I don't understand why.  

If an application is rejected, applicants have the right to request data information from the UBA in accordance with Article 15(1) of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This will provide you with information about the reasons for the rejection of your application. 

If you have any further questions about the Federal Environment Agency and your application, please contact us at any time at info@greenair.eco 

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